The sciatica has gone.  Another chiropractic adjustment, another massage, and it was almost gone.  A few days later I was glad to go for a walk with the dogs.  A short walk, but that was a big deal.  Slowly building up my strength, after the long time with no exercise plus recovering from radiation therapy for cancer.  And the cancer seems to be in remission.

Now I can remember that I had pain.  But I can’t remember the pain, thank DOG.

I told a friend that the pain pills didn’t work for me and that I had put them all in a medication disposal box at the local police station. He congratulated me.  Congratulations that I didn’t become an addict?  I don’t deserve congratulations for not being able to tolerate pain pills, which didn’t ease the pain anyway.  And the week of withdrawal after one month on them was awful.  Congratulations for disposing of the pills with the police?  I wasn’t tempted to sell them, thinking of how bad the effects of them would be on others.

When we judge others who are addicts, think of how they respond physically to the opiates or meth.  What we can’t tolerate seems great to them.  Or at least it keeps them from the horrors of withdrawal. Alex Raffi and I are going to record the draft of the comic book “Addiction in the Body” to put it up on the ARF website and The BARK of
DOG website.  Perhaps it will help those who can’t imagine what addiction is and what it does.  Less judgment, more empathy tempered with knowing not to enable.

I had thought to title this post “Pain and Suffering–ended”.  But there is no certain end to pain and suffering so long as we live, only interludes that we cherish for feeling well, and feeling well want to help others feel good, too. Even if the sciatica doesn’t return, there will be suffering enough for me in the future, I am sure.  As it says in “Master Ts’en” in *The BARK of DOG*:

“What you do with the suffering, that is what matters, that is what can lead to love, to follow with love.”

May you be well.  Stay safe.  If you suffer, read or listen to the
stories from *The BARK of DOG*.  (

In peace,  Arf

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