The problems

The programs proposed by the U.S. presidential candidates are excellent: health care for all, a living wage, not letting the wealthy take so much and leave the rest of us struggling.

But those programs will not avail, they will not lead us to a good society, unless we face and try to remedy the great problems we face: racism and drug addiction.

Until those are ameliorated–for “solved” is too much to hope for yet–no program, no bettering of our society for some, will leave so many outside, without hope and with fear and hatred, ruining whatever chance we have.

Shall we then crush addiction, push all addicts from “us”? As if that were the problem, for they are us. No, for hatred, fear makes it worse. See my essay “Teaching Addicts” at the Advanced Reasoning Forum website.

Shall we then say that racism is not a problem? See how far the blacks and hispanics and muslims have come? While driving while black, walking while hispanic, sitting at a bus stop while muslim is dangerous–and often taken to be a crime.

The problem is not structural. It is not economic. It is a problem of the heart.