I live in the countryside. My nearest neighbors are about 100m away. I walk most nights along a dirt road beside an irrigation canal with my dogs Chcolate (a Catahoula) and Bidu (a Great Pyrenees-Anatolian Shepherd). Bidu is big.

Walking home two nights ago, Chocolate was at my side and Bidu was about 10m behind me when I was about 200m from home, near my neighbors’ homes. I didn’t look back again until I got home, and then I saw that Bidu was not with me. He had¬†gone somewhere. I called, but he didn’t show up. It was already dusk, after sunset. Later, when it was nearly dark I went out and he was under the big shade tree, happily eating a big cooked chicken.

Where did he get that? The next evening on my walk I stopped and asked my neighbors, and they said it wasn’t their chicken.

The evidence was eaten. So Bidu can’t go to court! There’s no case against him now. I am the only witness, and I won’t testify. They can throw me in jail, I won’t say anything. A man can’t be forced to testify against his dog, just as he can’t be forced to testify against his wife. The relation is intimate and one of trust. And Bidu can’t be forced to testify against me.

But is Bidu guilty? By the laws of man or by the laws of DOG?

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